Frederica Tibbs – The Devil is a Liar

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Hot new Gospel Reggae from Frederica Tibbs

‘The Devil Is A Liar” is a remarkably hard hitting song, set on another one of our great live instrumental all played by real musicians.

And of course this song is sung by a real singer, a wonderful lady who has been in the game, for sometime, now, somewhat 30-40 year as an experienced singer.

Her skills & musical grace is so easily felt as she launches her song and lets us know the Devil Is A Liar . . . . amongst other things, this gripping and compelling song is greatly

written and executed.

Frederica is proving to be extremely popular now more so than ever, recording with various producers,

and performing at various events, proving to be very active.

With years of experience to offer and skillful songwriting technics and the will to

masterfully control her vocals, these attributes can only be a plus for this young lady.

“The Devil Is A Liar”  is the second of recordings between this legendary reggae queen,

the first being “God Nar Sleep” recorded on our Badness Nuh Pay instrumental receiving a great response

Below is a short video of frederica performing “God Nar Sleep” 

Facebook post by Jennifer Ishiodo

Below is a picture of radio Dj Tony Dapps, Frederica Tibbs & Starrvybz

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