Grantie Asher

Grantie Asher

Paul Grant (born in Huddersfield on 21st December 1966), better known by his stage name “Grantie Asher”, is a British singer/songwriter who specialises in reggae/lovers rock,but who occasionally likes to venture into different genres.

Grant discovered that he had a talent for music as a little boy. He would sometimes sneak into the front-room when his parents were out and play his dad’s records; a mixture of Blue Beat, Mowtown, Reggae and Jim Reeves. On Sunday he attended church where he got involved in the church band and started to play the drums. From there Grant got involved in the church choir. He explains “I was so good, they stuck me right at the back, so no one could hear me (laugh)”. From there Grant discovered he had a vocal talent. After a few years,he left the church and ventured out into the big wide world (Huddersfield) to further his musical career. He subsequently became a member of a sound system called Armagedeon.Grant experimented with “toasting” and to his surprise he was really good. “I remember other sound members saying I was really good and when we played out, the audience really showed their appreciation”.

Grant’s toasting was swiftly followed by him singing whilst he was a member of Amargeddeon sound. “As we’re on the subject of Armageddeon Sound, I’d like to send big shouts going out the man-dem; D-Bow General, Robbie Rue, Daddy Lee, T-Dread and Daddy Admiral for providing me with a stepping stone”.

As time went by a producer from Luton named Sydney Luddy Crooks heard about this singer called “Grantie Asher” and approached him and asked him would he be interested in moving to Luton to further his singing career. Grant did not hesitate to oblige. Grant recorded four songs with Crooks (Pioneer International Records); Something Special, Don’t Play That Song,Come lnto My Life and Wheel And Come. That is where that story ended. At the end of these recording they parted company on bad terms.

Grant then moved to London in 1989 and hooked up with Passion Records where he released a double ‘A’ side record called “If It Was Love” followed by a duet with Paulette Tajah entitled “Love or Physical”  Which if I remember rightly, got to No.1 in the Black Echo’s Reggae Charts he recalls. Around this time Grant was a supporting act for Maxi Priest and Chaka Demus and Pliers. He sang at the Podium Nightclub regularly and had regular involvements in stage shows in and around London and The Midlands. As Grant’s musical career progressed, he moved on to experiment with a different genre of music; Urban Soul.

He started working with a production company called Rhythem Productions. During that time he entered a competition on KISS FM with a cover version song called “Do For Love” originally sung by Bobby Caldwell. Grant won the competition, in which the prize was 1,000 pressed copies of his tune.

In 2004 Grant auditioned for a TV programme called “Stars In Your Eyes” and was successful in being able to perform as Luther Vandross. To his surprise, Grant won his heat and came 6th place in the actual finals, Grant recalls

“It was nice whilst it lasted, but nothing nuh sweet like reggae music”.

Presently,Grant is recording with various producers,i.e. Gary DigiTec Lewis, Bucky Jo and Starr Vybz. Songs released by Gary DigiTec Lewis are; Thanks For Life, Guilty and Could lt be You.

Bucky Jo; Witness and Africa s Calling.

Grant has currently recorded hit song’s such as ‘Black Skin’, ‘Where Is The Love’ ‘Don’t Put Your Hand’ ‘Natural Women’ & ‘Another Life’ for Starrvybz Entertainment .

“I would just like to say thank you to all those who have supported me including my loving fiancee Yvonne,and my siblings; Hyacinth, Clive and Michael. I hope you will carry on in this journey with me. But hold tight,it could be a bumpy ride”.