Harmonie Deja @ Erykah Badu 2017

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This could be the defining moment for Harmonie Deja, on the bridge between, doing it for the love, or doing it big time. Harmonie wooed the crowd & Erykah herself, with an acoustic version of ‘Melanin’ originally a reggae song encouraging people to be proud of the skin their in, and stand up proud, and be who you are. Using this powerful song of encouragement Harmonie proceed to entice her audience, some few thousand people live at the Apollo, Hammersmith West London. She sang, and the crowd listened and stayed lock into her every word, showing appreciation by cheering and showing her love by simply enjoying Harmonie’s wonderful deep husky tones and strong conviction for her song. Harmonie made her point and the crowd loved it immensely, reducing Harmonie to tears … a very heart felt moment.

I apologize for the picture quality taken from my phone

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