Starrvybz Entertainment was founded in 2009 as a recording label and a promotional vessel to promote UK home grown talents. Founded by Konroy Stephens aka Starrvybz or Vybz, this community businessman, started Starrvybz Entertainment on the strength of his love for music. He produces, he’s the studio mix engineer, and he’s the lable CEO.

Born November 10th 1970, Vybz has never been a lazy person and has always had that get up and go attitude and work-hard ethics, and it was whilst running his high end salon in Hackney London UK, that he decided he needed to start fulfilling is need for music, and embarked on his career choice of being a music producer.

All ready running his business, which he had, built-up from scratch, organising and putting things together is a natural for this young man. Hailing from Northwest London originally, its here he went back too to start formulating his recording team.

He embarked on setting up his label, and started recording right away with such artists as Tony Douglas the front man for the famous vocal group ‘KWEST’ Tony was one of the first to record with Starrvybz on his first production, a song called “Living in Babylon”. Vybz also recorded Hya P featuring, General B (From Monsta Shock Crew) with a song called “Stay Far”. Birmingham’s singing sensation Tenna Star, recorded for Vybz also,  a song called “Jah is Real”.

Starrvybz is also responsible the song “Our Love” sung by Tenna Star which gained 20,000 hits in the first month of been upload by VPal. That’s almost a 1000 hits per day.

On the search for talent Vybz was introduced to the west London songstress Harmonie Deja, she recorded her first track for Vybz called “Tear Drops” on the Sunset riddim produced by Vybz & Back2life Records. This production also features a song from Lukie D called “Welcome Back to Love”. This was the beginning of making Hits & Stars.

Since his beginnings in 2009 Starrvybz has gone on to become a household name, fast becoming internationally known as a serious producer & vibes maker with hit tracks such as “ Every Time We Touch” sung by the legendary Tinga Stewart, “One Kiss Away” by Gappy Ranks, both massive tracks that was in heavy rotation the best part of 2014/15.

“African Warriors” by Tinga Stewart also produce by Starrvybz now features on Tinga’s “Love For The Children” album released by Reggae Emperor records in 2015 and brings more interest to the Starrvybz Entertainment label.

Vybz has worked alongside Dancehall legend Frankie Paul and produce a track called “Life”. This track is a feature with Harmonie Deja, and was a big stepping point in both his and Harmonies career.  Starrvybz is responsible for hit productions like ‘Broken Hearts’ riddim ( A riddim developed by Mafia & Fluxy for Vybz) featuring some hit songs like “Breaking Up” (The Alton Ellis tribute) by Harmonie Deja, “You Deserve Better” by the 3 time awarded Miss Melody, “The Father” by I Kool.  Also recorded on this project is the national charts topper Trevor Dixon with “Custom Made”.

Movin on, 2016 Starrvybz had more success with one of his productions called the ‘Scrub Down’ riddim featuring various artists such as, Tinga Stewart with “A Kiss is Just A Kiss”, Vincent Nap’s “Hustling & Bustling”, also “Its You” by Harmony (Don Campbells younger brother) “Menalin” by Harmonie Deja, But the massive hit track from this production is “Black Skin” by Grantie Asher, this culture awareness song has become an anthem for Grantie, and continues to grow and gain strength.

It was all about the right timing with the Scrub Down riddim. I had my musicians create this instrumental and I voiced 9 songs, but it was a process that took two years before I was ready to drop them. It was well worth the wait, as this production went on to do very very well and became a favorite of many.

Other artists on this production are, Miss Melody, Sese Foster, Tony Douglas, Jay Jay Born2 Sing, they all feature great songs on the Scrub Down riddim.

Vybz went on to produced a Black lives matter song entitled “Save Our Souls” by Miss Melody ft Tasonia (Rocky Roads riddim) This was right at the time when police brutality was at its highest with multiple deaths of young black men at the hands of police. This was another positive move for the now 2 times award winning producer who had experienced earlier success with productions produced for Guyana born Miss Melody, “Love Everlasting” & “You Deserve Better” both won awards at the Guyanese music festival awards show, firmly stamping this young singer songwriter’s incredible talent and also Starrvybz producers credibility . . . such a lovely touch.

Starrvybz has produce songs for the likes of Frankie Paul, Grantie Asher, Eazy Wayne, Tony Douglas, Chardel Rhoden, Michael Gordon, Frederica Tibbs, Candy Silk, Lloyd Brown, Donovan Kingjay, Trevor Dixon, Canada’s Tasha T, legendary Jr English, Cassandra London, General Levy, Gappy Ranxs, Jamaican born Tashina Mackenzie, and more.

Starrvybz Entertainment has gone on to release ‘How Could it Be’, ‘Badness Nuh Pay’, ‘Love I Can Feel’ & the ‘Duracell Long Life’ riddims. 2017 saw the release of the ‘Keeping It Real’ Riddim featuring a hot single from the famous lovers Rock singer Michael Gordon, who is known for serenading the ladies, but came out hard, with a blazing hard core track, with such vigor never heard from him before, setting the pace, vibes and the bar for the ‘Keeping It Real’ production. This is another big hitter from the Starrvybz camp hitting the UK music scene.

In 2018 Starrvybz kicked of the year releasing the ‘Missing You’ riddim with Chardel Rhoden singing a cover of the original. This new single is edgy, contemporary, new & revitalized for 2018. Chardel has done a great job in reworking this classic hit song dating back to the early 70’s. Placing your stamp on already great song isn’t easy but Chardel has done just that … given this song, a new strength …. The ‘Missing You instrumental’ was built for SVE by legendary Mafia & Fluxxy, guitars played by Ivan Christie. The original was recorded in 1972 by The Independents, then was covered by Bunny Maloney in 1976 for MHA Records, again in 1994 this song was covered again by Janet Lee Davis for Fashion Records and again in 2013 came her remix version. Starrvybz was also proud to present ‘Me A Singer’ by their label artist, Grantie Asher.  Grantie penned an original song illustrating his early journey into the music business and having to shake of all crosses & bad mind.

We also worked with UK legend Lloyd Brown in early 2018. It may seem hard to believe but in 2018 SLAVERY STILL EXIST …. Strange right, …… but very true. The slave trade still Exist in Libya today as your reading this. So we can up with a brand new song featuring Lloyd Brown, written and sung by Grantie Asher entitled “Hard Fi Handle” ….. burning a fire at this slave trade.

Grantie is an amazing artist and we at Starrvybz Entertainment are proud to be associated to this top class entertainer. Grantie Asher delivers the goods all round, his sound is unique, his lyrics & song writing are authentic and his delivery is precise, easily making him one of the best artist around in the UK. Hard Fi Handle will feature on his forthcoming album and also feature on Lloyds Vocal Deluxe Edition releasing 2018.

2018 see’s the release of ‘Universal Reggae Vibes Vol1’ Compilation album featuring the best of Starrvybz Entertainment with Vol1 set for a December 2018 release, Vol2 is already in the making. This is a project Starrvybz has been working very hard to achieve and is delighted nearing the launching of Vol1 in his series.

May god continue to bless all who is pure and clean in mind and heart, true and honest to the ting. Give thxs. Bless up one & all!